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We help companies generate sales leads and increase ROI on paid Ads while reducing wasted spend.

Ad Management ☑️

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Unbeatable ROI ☑️


- No sales qualified leads coming from your website or landing pages.- Not getting any leads from your Google, Microsoft, or social Ads.- Steep targets to hit with no real way to get there.

Paid Ads Agency


- Manage and optimise your Ads, website, and landing pages to drive more qualified leads over the long-term.- Build a lead generating strategy process for your business.- Create a high converting landing page/website to capture business leads from Ads.

Paid Ads Agency


- Constant flow of leads and new business from Ads.- A high converting website/landing page.- An improved and unbeatable ROI on your paid Ads.

Paid Ads Agency


Each service comes with a new, high converting landing page or website to convert your leads.


Whether your business is new to paid Ads or not, the ROI that Google Ads bring to your business with a high converting landing page/website is unbeatable when it comes to marketing.We target your EXACT target audience and pull the data from the relevant keywords and put your Ad right at the top of the search results. All you need to do is watch the leads come pouring in.

TH Marketing Google Ads
TH Marketing Microsoft Ads


Looking for a cheaper alternative to Google Ads? Microsoft Ads could be the best option for you. Microsoft Ads work the same as Google Ads and can offer a similar ROI with the right strategy.Put your business in front of your target audience and start generating new business leads with Micrsoft Ads.


Is your social media converting leads? Most businesses post but never actually get new business from it.You need to target the correct audience and start selling the outcome, not your services. Social media Ads can generate your business leads whether you have an existing audience or not. Let's get started.

TH Marketing Social Media Ads


It's not only our understanding of lead generation and Ads that separates us from the rest, but our understanding of what each individual business needs. We see ourselves as an extension of every company we work with. We strive for your growth as much as you do.

Up to 10:1 ROI on Google Ads ☑️

High converting Landing Pages ☑️

Up to 6:1 ROI on Social Media Ads ☑️

Paid Ads Agency


We tailor a marketing plan based on your business model and take you through the quick and effective process, step by step.

Paid Ads Agency


After identifying the strategy, we plan a specific approach on the tailored strategy, so that your business can generate the most leads.

Paid Ads Agency


Once everything is planned, we execute effectively, with qualified leads being the priority. We provide reports and support when needed.



Frequently asked questions

What should our Ad spend be?

Your Ad spend depends on your targets and budget. We recommend anywhere between £800 and £15,000 depending on the type of ad (Social Media platform, Google Ad etc.)

Do you build the landing pages and creative designs?

All landing pages, websites, and Ad creative designs and text are done by us. We'll always give you a preview of everything before they go live and and every landing page is hosted on a sub domain of your website if you already have one, if not, we'll take care of that too!

What if we've never run paid Ads before?

There's never a better time to start your paid Ads journey than now. The ROI (return on investment) can be huge and they're the perfect way to meet your business monthly targets. We'll take care of everything and give you a run down of everything before it goes live.

What if we already have an agency running our Ads and landing pages/website?

We will take you through our onboarding process and review the previous Ads to make sure we can improve them for the long term.

How do I receive the leads?

Each lead that comes from an Ad will go to your high converting landing page or website. Once a potential customer fills out a form for a download, form, or sign up, they'll automatically be forwarded to you via email. If you need help with sales, please talk to us about this before.

Get an expert review. Book a free call.

A free call to review your current Ads/discuss an approach towards your business goals goes a long way.This totally free '30 minute power call' will determine what you should do right now to maximise your marketing ROI.Here's how it works:
1. We hop on a call and discuss where you're at
2. We discuss a plan of approach to reach your goals3. We'll highlight quick wins even if you don't want to work with us. If you do want to work with us, we'll take you through the next steps.

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